PLM Training

Integrated business processes require an integrated, holistic, and sustainable way of thinking. Employees must know their company. Intelligent toolsets serve as instruments to electronically implement complex business processes. Just thinking in terms of tools is not enough. Holism leads to success.

The successful implementation of current projects and re-engineering measures require not only powerful software tools and methods but also perfectly-positioned employees in the first place.

In times when machine productivity can no longer increase but the performance of the staff can, all companies are prompted to pay particular attention to staff selection and employee qualification.

We will outline a custom-tailored training plan with you which will best prepare your employees to utilize in a productive setting.

Our faculty have training experience in the automotive and aerospace industry.


TAILORED SYSTEMS supports customers in the following disciplines:

-- Development of the target skill level for each staff group
-- Evaluation of the individual need for education per employee
-- Definition of an education curriculum including budget planning
-- Development of a modular training concept
-- Management of the training deployment
-- Training delivery

Contact us so that we can draw up a plan.